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 We focus on the following languages: Chinese translation, English-Chinese translation, Japanese-Chinese translation, Korean-Chinese translation, Russian-Chinese translation, German-Chinese translation, Spanish-Chinese translation, French-Chinese translation, Portuguese-Chinese translation, Italian-Chinese translation, Turkish-Chinese translation and Arabic-Chinese translation. Other languages are available upon request.


Our translation prices are based on the language combination, subject and time given, we can translate about 2000~4000 source words per day.
We are specialized in English translation, Russian translation, German translation, French translation, Spanish translation, Italian translation and Turkish translation in all subjects.
Our price lists are created specific to each country by per word of the source text.
Cost estimates are free and unconditional. Send us your text by Email to or, and you will receive our quote back on the same day.


Our interpretation prices depend on the language combination and the specific project.
Our general interpretation prices are as follows:

English to Chinese/Korean to Chinese/Japanese to
Chinese Interpretation: USD 100~200 per day
German to Chinese/Russian to Chinese/French to
Chinese Interpretation: USD 150~250 per day
Spanish to Chinese/Portuguese to Chinese /Italian to
Chinese Interpretation: USD 200~300 per day
Arabic to Chinese and other rare languages to
Chinese Interpretation: over USD 300 per day
Other language combination interpretation services are also available, the price shall be negotiated.


1. Our Interpreting time means 8 hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., less than 4 hours is regarded as a half day, over 4 hours but less than 8 hours is regarded as one whole day. Work overtime shall be accordingly charged.
If the interpreting place is not in Qingdao, the interpreter's travel expense, accommodation, food and drink, communication cost and security, etc. shall be paid by the client.

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